To fully implement the fundamental task of fostering integrity and promoting rounded development of people, and to further construct and improve the collaborative education mechanism of Three All-Round Education and student-centered nurturing, School of Future Technology (Wentian College) has set up the Tutorial System. The tutors of the college are important guarantees to comprehensively improve the quality of top talents cultivation, and help them become the leading figures with foresight who can lead future scientific and technological innovation development.


The tutors of the college play the roles of value and professional guidance in the process of talent cultivation, and they are mainly responsible for guiding students in academic, career and life planning. The tutors care about the students in all aspects to help them solve the problems of personal growth and future development, cultivate students’ independent learning capability, development planning ability and sense of social responsibility, and guide them to set up correct world view, outlook on life and sense of values, so as to achieve all-round development of morality, intelligence, physicality fitness, aesthetics and labor.