The School of Future Technology in Harbin Institute of Technology was formally established in June 2022, which was one of the first 12 Schools of Future Technology approved by Ministry of Education of People’s Republic of China. The School of Future Technology in HIT is an important exploration of continuing to implement the spirit of President Xi’s congratulation letter for Harbin Institute of Technology on 100th anniversary, and is an innovative initiative of the university to cultivate autonomous learning ability of the outstanding talents.


The School of Future Technology actively explores new paradigm of talent cultivation, incorporating new concepts of engineering education such as solid foundation laying, interdisciplinary strengthening, and the education mode of “One Student, One Policy”.  At the same time of establishing the School, the Wentian College was set up to create a nurturing atmosphere of following the tour of master” through the college system, and to establish a Teaching-Helping-Guiding mode of “masters leading masters”, “masters shaping masters” and “masters accomplishing masters”.