1.The New Year Concert

The MUSICA Chamber Choir holds its annual New Year Concert around New Year's Day as a welcome to the upcoming year. The concert is open to all faculty and students on the campus, sending them new year wishes through music. Meanwhile, it is also the first performance for the newly enrolled members in that semester. Participating in the New Year Concert paves the way for the new members to grow up and shoulder their responsibilities in the choir.

2.The Anniversary Concert

The MUSICA Chamber Choir was founded in June 2011. From then on, the choir holds its Anniversary Concert every June in various top-class theatres such as the Old Synagogue Concert Hall, the Harbin Concert Hall, and the Harbin Grand Theatre. The Anniversary Concert is regarded as a milestone of each year and a review of the whole year's rehearsals. Through the Anniversary Concert, the choir learns from the experience of that year and then firmly moves forward to the promised next year.

3.The Museum Concert

The MUSICA Chamber Choir has been making efforts to spread the choral art and culture on the campus ever since its establishment. In November 2023, as a response to the call of “Introducing Elegant Art to the Campus” made by the college, the choir held the Museum Concert in the Harbin Institute of Technology Museum with the help of the HIT Communist Youth League. The performance covered a range of different forms such as piano solo, a cappella, and choral songs of various styles, using diversified languages including Mandarin, Italian, English, and French, helping introduce the elegant choral art to the campus.

4.Lecture on the practice of Ascend Image and Natural Language Processing Algorithms

A lecture on the practice of Ascend Image and Natural Language Processing Algorithms was held by Huawei’s Intelligent Base Community for all HIT students. During the two-day training, Huawei technical experts introduced students about how to use Ascend AI to practice image and natural language processing algorithms. Huawei’s cloud service resources were also provided to students for hands-on practice in the lecture.

5.Huawei Community Annual Meeting.

Huawei Connect - Intelligent Base - HIT Special Event invited authoritative experts and professors from Huawei and HIT to share experiences. Students enjoyed face-to-face interaction with experts, and had quantum computing trial class and other sessions at the HC (stated for Huawei Connect) conference.

6.Performances of the World Classic Musical “Les Miserables”

The world classic musical “Les Miserables” was put on the stage of HIT in 2019. On the evening of April 30, 2023, the French-language musical “Romeo and Juliet” was performed for the first time in the auditorium of the main building of HIT, and was broadcast live through the Internet-based new media platform with the number of real-time online viewers reaching more than 400,000, and the event was also reported by the client of People's Daily, with a viewership of nearly 160,000.

7.French-language Musical Performance of “Romeo and Juliet”

In June 2023, The Musical Theater Club of Future Voice held a public performance in Harbin Grand Theater, which let the citizens of Harbin feel the artistic atmosphere of students from science and engineering colleges, and fully display the “literary and artistic style” of the HIT students known for their engineering talents.