National high-level talents serve as the class teacher of the Elite Class of Future Technologies college. Following the trend of future scientific and industrial development, the class focuses on the demand for talents in revolutionary and disruptive technologies, and developsleading talents, who are expected to lead future development, with great virtue, patriotism, problem-solving capabilities, international exposure and foresight.


It adopts a “1+1+X” training model, which allows students take foundational courses in public platforms to lay a solid foundation in natural sciences such as mathematics and physics in the first year; students delve into courses in three major areas: artificial intelligence, intelligent manufacturing, and life sciences in the second year; and students pursue core and elective courses in specialized tracks in the third and fourth years, including target-driven and distinctive development courses. It offers exclusive courses and tailored training programs delivered by high-level professors, and a series of lectures like the “Future Technology Forum” and “Dialogues about the Future,” where students can engage with experts, gaining insights into the breathtaking landscape of global technological peaks and the ambition required to overcome challenges. In addition, the class supports comprehensive education from undergraduate to postgraduate levels, allowing students to earn both main and supplementary degrees by accumulating the required credits and receiving an honorary degree from Honors School of HIT.